We love to reward our customers so we now offer loyalty points whenever you complete a purchase.

What are Loyalty Points?
Loyalty Points have a monetary value and can be used against items purchased in our store.
For every £1 spent in store the customer will be awarded 1 Loyalty Point so spending £10 will earn 10 Loyalty Points.  Each Loyalty Point has a value of £0.05 i.e. 5p.

Redeeming Loyalty Points
For every purchase made, Loyalty Points will be awarded.
During the checkout process you will be advised how many loyalty points will be earned with the current order.
If you have already earned Loyalty Points from previous orders you will be given the option of redeeming some or all of them against the current order.

Receiving Loyalty Points
Once payment is complete please ensure you select the option to create an account.  This allows the loyalty points to be added and it also makes checking out quicker in the future as we'll remember your address details.
Your loyalty points will be added to your account once your order has been marked as "Dispatched" i.e. after we have dispatched your items.
Should we subsequently cancel your order and refund you then we will remove any loyalty points earned for that transaction.

Do my Loyalty Points expire?
No, Loyalty Points do not expire so you can continue to accrue them for as long as required without any requirement to spend by a given deadline.