Here, we'll be adding details of products that we are looking to clear.  These aren't seconds, they are products that in most cases we have previously sold but for whatever reason will not be getting further stock in.  Reasons a product might be on clearance:

  • the item has been discontinued
  • the item has been superseded by another product e.g. a later version, a different style
  • the item is a one-off e.g. where we have requested and paid for samples but have decided not to go through with future purchases

We'll detail on the item itself why it has been included in the clearance section.

Where we have many of the same item the price quoted will be for all available stock (not just 1 of them).  However, if you require less than we have available then just drop us a note via our contact details and we'll be only too pleased to provide a price.

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